I’ve just accepted an entry level job with an insurance company, starting Monday. This is such a huge opportunity for me and I feel like I can start getting my life on track.

As much as I love plants it’s going to be really nice not doing plants for my work, and I feel like I’m going to be able to enjoy them a lot more now because of that.

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Honest - The New Division.

I was so excited when I heard that The New Division were releasing a new album. It’s been two years since we’d featured their debut on Noonday Tune, and the follow up, Together We Shine, is definitely worth the wait. “Honest” is a dancey lullaby, an exercise in melancholy new wave nostalgia, all shimmering synthesizers and glittering guitars (courtesy of collaborator Starflyer 59) and features a chorus that can only be described as “achingly gorgeous”.

John Kunkel’s vocals are as plaintive as ever, but he has grown so much as a songwriter, and so many of the tracks off this album refuse to leave my player, let alone my brain. Regret, hope, ennui, love, life. These are big concepts to cram into four minute pop songs, but The New Division nail it with every track. This album is lush.

Together We Shine is out now on iTunes and Amazon.

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Romulea kamiesensis | ©jeffs bulbesetpots
Romulea kamiesensis (Asparagales - Iridaceae) is a bulbous plant which can be found in South Africa.


Romulea kamiesensis | ©jeffs bulbesetpots

Romulea kamiesensis (Asparagales - Iridaceae) is a bulbous plant which can be found in South Africa.

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All my walking irises are flowering I love them!

Those done even look real. Amazing. I love the Iris family.

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fishmostly asked: how are the crypts

Great! The emersed one is slightly bigger than it was, the three in my tank are also slowly getting bigger. So good all around. Thanks for the ask!

I’m so done with winter, but apparently winter isn’t done with me yet.

fishesnstuff asked: I'd suggest either a succulent or cactus for a tattoo for ya

I could see something with Echeveria, or maybe a botanical print style design with a Haworthia or Spiral Aloe or something very structured like that.

If you had to suggest a tattoo for me based on what you know of me from my blog, what would it be?

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Cycnoches chlorochilon x Cycnodes Jumbo Micky (S. America)

Cycnoches and its hybrids are sometimes referred to as ‘swan orchids’ for the swan neck-shaped column that holds the anther cap at its end. They are also sometimes called ‘cigar orchids’ for the appearance of the pseudo-bulbs once they have lost their leaves in the fall. But either name doesn’t give justice to their brightly colored (and very fragrant) flowers that last for weeks on end.  They can be very rewarding subjects given the specific requirements need for long term cultivation. If you’re interested in growing these (or any of their relatives) see my post on #cycnoches in January 2012.

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