i got a Pachypodium gracilius today! 

NOOOOO!!! I am dead. It’s amazing!

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Vandachostylis Lou Sneary ‘blue bird’

One of my favorite orchids. I love the delicate violet flowers, but man am I partial to the buds. That neat fishhook form is inherited from the neofinetia parent and I think it lends the flowers a bit of an alien vibe.

One of my favourites too! very nice.

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Aloe longistyla

I was so sure that I had successfully ID’d my little Aloe as A. peglerae but now I have some doubts. The two look very similar when they’re young. I still think I’ve got A. peglerae because the leaves look a little wider than the proportions on a mature A. longistyla but I also wish I had both.

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I’m pretty sure I need a Pachypodium densiflorum.


at Volunteer Park Dahlia Garden

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// Landscape design - Urban Retreat by Paul Sangha Landscape Architecture.


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Babies. Cryptanthus pups were ready to move out so I gave them a pot of their own.


Eucodonia hybrid 

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Front view of the tank. Very happy with it considering I had 6” less footprint to work with.

What are those tall, curly stems standing above everything? I like that.

That plant is a Crinum calamistratum - I love it, very interesting plant and so far for me fairly easy too.

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