Salvia x “Amistad”

Sûrement un hybride issu de salvia guaranitica, cette sauge herbacée est apparue récemment (2005) dans un jardin en Argentine. Très florifère et plutôt  rustique (on verra l’année prochaine si elle est toujours là), les fleurs violet profond se détachent bien du feuillage, j’aime aussi beaucoup la couleur des calices.

Salvia guaranitica is involved in this crossing for sure. This beautiful herbaceous sage was discovered in a garden in Argentina (2005). Very floriferous, it’s given to be winter hardy (zone 8), I hope so, I planted it last spring, we’ll see. I did some cuttings as a precaution.

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Stuffed crust and #homemade #pizza

That time we made pizza and it was amazing.

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28: And So Is Love

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Neoregelia olens x pauciflora

In love with this mini neoregelia of mine now that it has it’s summer color!

So nice! I love it!

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Red flowered fuchsia. Don’t know the name of this one, it’s a variegated sprawling one. Very cool plant.


Celosia argentea


Celosia argentea

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Hoya geek report.

Hoya carnosa was the first I get, since then I look for new species to enlarge my collection. Fascinating plant.

Hoya carnosa

Hoya kerrii

Hoya shepherdii

Hoya calycina

Hoya paziae

Hoya limoniaca

Hoya bilobata

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