Echinops (Globe Thistle)

Most exciting plant I’ve bought recently… Vanilla planifolia (at least I’m assuming that’s the species).

Mangave ‘Bloodspot’


TROP Residential Landscape Design. Bangkok, Thailand.

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Toasted bun with Mayo, basil, and green onion on the bottom. Burger was cooked with just a little bit of bbq sauce and mozzarella melted on top. Then really fresh tomatoes and lettuce.

This was the most amazing burger I’ve ever had.


Endless list of favorite aquatic plants: 15/*
→ Bucephalandra variations
(photos © by Vasteq at


Endless list of favorite aquatic plants: 15/*

→ Bucephalandra variations

(photos © by Vasteq at

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Hosta Blue Mouse Ears
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I went to one of my favourite stores in Toronto over the weekend (Morba - just west of Bathurst on Queen Street). Took a few pictures while I was there. I could probably spend hours just looking at everything there.

I loved the matching cigarette holder and lighter globes in the case in the first picture. Some really neat clocks as well you can see a few in the second and third pictures. The last picture gives a sense of the store itself. Unique finds on shelves, in cabinets, up the walls, hanging from the ceiling. It’s a little bit overwhelming when you first go.

The only thing I bought was a new lunar globe. Not old, rare, or unique but still different in its own way.

( pressuregradient - everytime I turned around I saw something I think you’d like. goldfarts / masc4cruller / greatestape - I think you guys might all like this store if you haven’t been already)

What’s flowering on my balcony today: Zantedeschia cv.

I salvaged this plant in the fall two years ago, it grew well but didn’t flower last year and this year has rewarded me with two beautiful flowers, white with just the faintest hint of pink around the edges in the inside of the spathe.

What’s flowering on my balcony today: Dahlia ‘Mystic Fantasy’

Back and better than ever for its third year.